We are a design and decoration company founded in 1993, currently focused on the production of furniture, accessories and metal lighting.
We have a team of qualified and committed employees. Attentive to new materials, technologies and market trends, in order to satisfy more and better the needs of our customers.

We process various types of metal, ferrous and non-ferrous. We perform several metalworking processes: Welding (MIG, TIG, RSW, oxyacetylene), cutting, bending, molding and turning sheets, tubes, wires and profiles; we make molds and tools necessary for production.

According to the client’s design, model or sample, we develop several metallic structures (tables, chairs, furniture, lamps, etc.)
We work with our customers in order to transform their conceptual ideas into concrete objects, anticipating possible problems, circumventing technical feasibility, mediating reduction in manufacturing costs and product quality, also taking into account the function it proposes.

To complement our products we work with several partnerships, integrating other materials that we do not process (glass, wood, acrylic, upholstery, etc.)

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